Newborn Expert

The project remit was to provide a website that can sell consultancy service to families who need help with establishing a routine for their newborn, problem solving and help with restoring calmness to peoples lives.

This website is for anyone looking for Top Tips, help and advice with Newborns, Babies, Toddlers and older children.

Smith Dennis

We provide smart property & facilities management and maintenance solutions for retail, healthcare, education, hospitality and corporate clients. Everything we do is designed to deliver the right property & facilities management and maintenance choice for our customers. Good decisions are the foundation for successful outcomes.

iclean kent

The project remit was to create a web presence for a startup cleaning company

Harden Property Maintenance

We are a multi-trade company who conduct property maintenance, incorporating a large number of professional services, withinin Kent and the surrounding areas.

Our premier services ensure that our clients receive only a superior quality level of workmanship, resulting in finished work that is carried out by a qualified and skilled tradesmen. There are few property maintenance projects we do not undertake; and all of the services we do offer are conducted with care and attention to detail.

Eco Car Clean

Project remit was to create a website that shows the eco car cleaning services of a company that will come to you to do the work.  

We provide professional cleaning services and maintenance of vehicles at an affordable price either at our premises or, to save you time, at a location of your choice. We offer a wide range of car valeting services to the general public, businesses and the trade.


The Project remit was to create an online presence for a Kent based waste management company


Flow and Jumps

This is a niche website for Bill Dickens who specialises is flows and jumps in water channels

The website allows for the download of programs that Bill devised to help with water management.


This is a niche website for Brian Sedge of Adagnito who specialises in will writing and financial planning 

Adagnito has been established with the benefit of 35 years' experience in financial planning.

We offer a personal service providing advice on Will construction and late life planning with the aim of ensuring that in your 3rd age and beyond many aspects that give rise to worry and concern are eliminated. This will enable you to enjoy your retirement and concentrate on the real issues that matter to you such as family, friends and recreation time.

Ashtree Joinery

The Project remit was to create an online presence for a builder who works predominantly in London on high end refurbishments for commercial and domestic properties


Essex Alpacas

Project remit was to create a website that shows off Finchingfield Alpacas and the Alpacas they have for sale

The Animals are sold via a specialist Alpaca seller website.  We have incoroprated a feed so they automatically get updated on this site when they are changed on the other website.